Blair Manning
This beautiful bad girl would sell her soul to get what she wants out of life.

Blair arrived in Llanview in October 1991 intending to do whatever it took to become powerful and wealthy.

While working as a journalistic apprentice at The Banner, Blair set her sights on the rich Asa Buchanan. However, Blair soon encountered Max Holden! The sexual chemistry between them was instant as they shared a sizzling midnight dance on New Year's Eve.

Though Max persisted in pursuing Blair in 1992, she was busy wooing Asa Buchanan away from his wife, Renee. Blair was equally determined to claw her way to the top of the business world, even if it meant destroying her own Aunt Dorian to do it. Finding a skeleton in Dorian's closet, Blair used blackmail (Dorian's involvement with Victor Lord's death,) to force her Aunt to make her the new Editor-in-Chief of Llanview's tabloid newspaper, The Intruder.

Max Holden was determined to stop Blair from marrying Asa Buchanan. On Asa and Blair's wedding day -- June 16th, 1992 -- passion exploded between Max and Blair. They made love -- on top of Blair's wedding dress! Still, Blair went through with the wedding, but when she wouldn't sleep with her husband, the marriage was doomed. Left with nothing, Blair departed Llanview. In December 1993, she returned and founded a cosmetics company Melador. After failing to win Max back, Blair crossed paths with Llanview's other pariah, Todd Manning. She found him intriguing -- and he was equally attracted to her. Blair took Todd back to her apartment and they made love.

When she discovered, in 1995, that Todd was Victor Lord's long-lost son (and worth $27.8 million dollars!) Blair plotted to marry him by claiming to be pregnant. When a suspicious Todd forced his new wife to have a pregnancy test, it came back positive! Tragedy struck when Blair was mugged on the docks, and lost her unborn baby. Thanks to Max, Todd learned the truth about Blair's faked pregnancy and divorced her. Then Blair discovered she was pregnant -- again! When Todd found out, they reconciled and married again - this time in a beautiful ceremony at St. James Church. Just before their honeymoon, Todd was shot and purportedly killed in Ireland while helping Marty Saybrooke. Bitter, Blair vowed revenge on Marty by seducing her secret beau, Patrick Thornhart.

On January 8th, 1996, the "widow Manning" gave birth to a daughter, Starr. During the following summer, Todd Manning "returned from the dead" only to see Blair in Patrick's arms, about to make love. Reeling from the sight of his wife in the arms of the man responsible for his "death," Todd rejected Blair. Though they were forced to work together, sexual tension filled the air whenever Todd and Blair were in the same room. Just when it appeared that they might reconcile, Blair discovered that she was pregnant with Patrick's baby!

In 1997, Blair's life was turned upside down when her daughter, Starr, fell ill with aplastic anemia. Blair's unborn son (which she planned to name Brendan) was found to be a match. However, before the procedure could take place, Blair lost the baby in a car accident. Fortunately, Starr's life was spared when a donor, Alex Olanov, was found. Blair, who was injured in the crash, left for Philadelphia to have surgery. Upon her return, the question will become: will Blair and Todd put their troubled past behind them, and find happiness together?

While recouperating from her accident, Blair is living with her Aunt Dorian at The Old Saybrooke Mansion - 202 Lincoln Ave.

Todd Manning
Todd thought he'd finally found bliss in the arms of Blair. But now this tortured soul feels only true love from one precious person -- his baby girl, Starr.

Todd Manning made his first appearance on One Life To Live in 1992. As the star quarterback on the Llanview University football team, he was a frat boy looking for a good time and looking for trouble.

In 1993, Todd had a one night stand with wild child Marty Saybrooke. Afterwards, when she rejected him, Todd found a drunken Marty upstairs in Kevin Buchanan's frat house room on the night of the annual Spring Fling -- and raped her, along with his fraternity brothers Zach Rosen and Powell Lord. Sentenced to Statesville Prison, Todd befriended Rebecca Lewis, a devout disciple who wanted to save the souls of prisoners. When he escaped from prison, Todd convinced Rebecca to hide him, but eventually she turned him in. Remarkably, the prison van transferring him to a maximum security prison crashed, and Todd escaped yet again. The van hit a car carrying Marty Saybrooke, little C.J. Roberts and Jessica Buchanan. Todd saved their lives, and apologized to Marty for his past misdeeds. His act of heroism warranted a full pardon from the Governor.

At Rodi's Bar, Todd met and later enjoyed a night of passion with the conniving Blair Daimler. When she discovered that Todd was Victor Lord's son and heir, Blair set out to marry Todd by telling him she was pregnant. Duped by the charade, Todd married Blair in Florida on February 17th, 1995.

The newly wealthy Todd emulated his father, Victor Lord, by starting a newspaper of his own, "The Sun." Driven to make it the number one newspaper in Llanview, he stole key reporters from his half-sister Viki's publication, "The Banner."

To Blair's relief, she became pregnant for real. Todd's jubilation was muted when Blair was mugged and suffered a miscarriage. Discovering her deceit, Todd angrily divorced Blair. However, they soon discovered, to their mutual wonderment, that they were very much in love -- and married again amidst a shower of golden balloons. Then, just before their honeymoon, Todd undertook a mission to locate Marty Saybrooke in Ireland. Todd was mistaken for Irish rebel Patrick Thornhart and was shot, thrown in the trunk of a car, and driven off a cliff.

Todd's pregnant "widow" gave birth to a baby girl, Starr on January 8th, 1996. Months later, Todd returned from the dead, only to find his wife in the arms of the man who got him "killed," Patrick Thornhart. Determined to make Blair pay, an enraged Todd hid his return, then kidnapped Starr, before finally revealing his miraculous "return from the dead" to his "unfaithful" wife.

Resuming his position as Publisher of The Sun, Todd was torn by lingering feelings for the mother of his child. Todd waged an internal debate - should he end their union or give Blair a second chance at proving her love?

In the fall of 1996, Todd was stunned to discover that Blair was pregnant again - with Patrick Thornhart's child. Todd seethed at first, but eventually came to understand what drove Blair into Thornhart's arms. When Starr, his beloved "Shorty," fell ill with aplastic anemia early in 1997, Todd and Blair grew closer. He felt terrible for Blair when she was injured in a hit-and-run accident that took the life of her unborn baby.

More than ever, Todd wanted revenge on Patrick Thornhart. He devised an explosive scheme to make him pay. Once again, Todd's frenzied vengeance could prove to be his downfall!

Todd recently entered into a marriage of convenience with Téa Delgado and they reside at 200 High Street, Penthouse 2 in Llanview, PA. His most intimate confidante is a talking parrot!


Téa Delgado

Next to her beauty, Tea's brains are her most evident feature. She uses a cool, intellectual approach in court - but she turns up the heat with Llanview's most eligible bachelors.

Téa Delgado was born in Puerto Rico and moved to New York with her parents when she was four years old. Her father, Leon, is a superintendent in a building on Park Avenue. Although the Delgado family lifestyle was decidedly middle class, they never lost touch with the old friends and relatives they knew in Puerto Rico, many of whom now live in the Unites States. Although Téa and her brother Jose attended private Catholic schools, she spent many quality hours with their grandmother Maria Delgado, who is affectionately called "Abuelita." Téa also spent weekends with her family's longtime friends, the Vegas, who they considered "cousins" .

While her brother eventually joined a gang, Téa was always obedient and studious. Her diligence paid off when she graduated college summa cum laude, went on to NYU Law School, then immediately acquired a position in a top ten law firm, Howell and Maguire, as soon as she passed her bar exam.

Beautiful, but always too focused on work and accomplishment to have a committed relationship, Téa had a few flings, mostly with other career-obsessed, fast-trackers. In early 1997, she began feeling that something was missing from her hectic, hyper-urban lifestyle. Téa began to investigate leaving New York. She felt that could get more hands-on experience working in a smaller venue. So, when Carlotta Vega alerted her to the fact that her son, Antonio was under arrest for the murder of mobster Carlo Hesser, Téa saw it as a sign. She opted to pull out of the fast lane for a while and relocate to Llanview, PA.

From the minute Téa came to town to assist attorney Nora Gannon, she felt fulfilled. Throughout the trial, she maintained a combative relationship with her client, the bitter Antonio Vega. But even he had to appreciate her no-nonsense interrogation skills which had witnesses wilting!

Téa's biting wit and cool intellectual approach were immediately evident when she met newspaper reporter Kevin Buchanan. But Téa's apparent coolness towards Kevin could not camouflage the intensity of feeling that simmered below the surface. Before long, they were engaged in a steamy, sexually-satisfying relationship. However gratified he was with their liaisons (they even did it on top of a desk!) Kevin didn't love Téa. He was already in love with a married woman - Cassie Carpenter. When he rejected her, Téa felt hurt and used.

Téa was an integral part of the team that successfully defended Antonio. At the conclusion of the trial, Téa skillfully worked to clear Antonio's prior criminal record, then stayed in Llanview to face a huge challenge -- the defense of accused murderess Alex Buchanan, who had been indicted for killing Carlo Hesser. Téa gave the case her all - just as she does everything. She's intensely devoted to her profession, but when she cuts loose, she cuts loose -- just ask Kevin Buchanan!

Téa has entered into a marriage of convenience with Todd Manning and lives with him and his daughter Starr at 200 High St. - Penthouse 2.

These character biographies were found on the ABC Daytime Website.